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Is duct cleaning a DIY job, or do you need to seek out a professional?

Most people can manage to do some simple cleaning when it has to do with ducts. However, it takes functional tools to thoroughly clean your entire system. A professional duct cleaning company is sure to performing excellent work in removing numerous contaminants not just from the ducts but also the other elements of your HVAC system. This involves clearing away allergenic particles like pollen, hair, dust, grime, and dirt in order to improve your indoor air. Recruiting a professional also means that you'll be preserving the integrity of your system, and its efficiency will provide energy savings.

At what intervals do I need to arrange for cleaning services my HVAC system and air ducts?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends homeowners look into duct cleaning services every few years to make sure that it has maximum performance. But, in the presence of mold or buildup of some kind, you need to seek out a professional as quickly as possible. Indoor air can spread impurities to all the rooms in your home, affecting your family's health. So, what are the signs that your ductwork requires cleaning services? If there's a lot of sawdust and drywall dust from a recent remodel, you notice a musty odor, or there's a pest infestation, then you should definitely get your ducts cleaned professionally.

Can duct cleanings lead to decreased energy expenses?

A duct cleaning company can help you minimize the level of debris and dust that circulates from your HVAC system and around your home. When you have dirt and dust in your forced air elements, it can make it harder for your system to function as well as can. In an attempt to heat and cool different rooms, it'll naturally consume more energy. But, well-maintained ducts will allow for optimal performance and, in turn, reduce your energy costs. It's worth it to seek out a contractor to handle your duct cleaning needs using the best equipment and methods for the job.

How much do duct cleaning companies charge?

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), duct cleaning ranges from $450 - $1,000 for a regular-sized residential property. Regular duct cleaning is worth the relatively low cost because it keeps debris and dust out of the parts in your HVAC system. Investing in this sort of maintenance will help prevent expensive repairs and will extend its lifespan. These are certain considerations to make when evaluating costs:

  • Style of ducts
  • HVAC system size
  • Accessibility of the system
  • Number of professionals required to take care of the task
  • Level of contaminants
  • Elements involving the environment

Keep in mind that a trained and experienced contractor will clean the ducts in addition to the rest of the system. This involves parts like the blower fan, coils, registers, and more, which also add to the degree of efficiency.

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